working in the studioArtist Michael Warth enjoyed drawing and painting early in his life. He worked from pictures found in magazines, and books on how to draw and paint. His father, also an artist, worked with him to develop his drawing skills at an early age instilling the foundation for his style. At 16 Michael took his first job working as an artist for a local clothing store in his home town of Chillicothe, Ohio. He painted on sweatshirts and other items in the store by commission for the customers. 

Throughout high school Michael was a member of the National Art Honor Society. He was able to learn about exhibiting and the importance of developing his craft. Michael studied Drafting and Design in college and soon after graduation he began working for a nationally ranked metal building manufacturer as a draftsman and detailer. Having little time to paint, the art remained a hobby for several years as he focused on career and family. In the late 1990's, Michael began working as a sign designer for a leading sign company just outside Chillicothe, Ohio. 

After forming Michael Warth Studios in 2000 Michael has devoted himself to learning more to improve his skills. He continues his education through books, online classes, workshops, and professional trade shows. By staying current with technology and studying the master painters of the past, Michael hopes to create, and produce the best quality products and services you seek.