alice and wilburhome commission

The main points to consider in choosing a commission are this...

  • Size - Where will you be displaying the piece? A small painting over the sofa doesn't make much sense. Niether does a large painting in a small hallway.
  • Subject - Homes are the most common commission piece. However, family pets, favorite vacation spots, and portraits make good choices as well. The subject matter is up to you.
  • Medium - Do you want pen and ink, watercolor, or oil? Each medium has its advantage; but, again the choice is yours.
  • Price - Size and medium have a lot to do with the price of a commission. Larger images cost more to produce, oils are more expensive than watercolors, and pen and ink drawings are very time consuming. We will work with you in keeping the commission in your budget.

If you live within a 40 mile radius of Chillicothe, Ohio Michael is happy to take the pictures needed for your home or pet commission. You may also choose to provide the photographs for a commission if you wish. If you need Michael to travel beyond the 40 mile radius, a travel charge will be added to the price of the commission.